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Re: Hard Disk Upgrade Mini How-To

Tim <tjbynum@wallybox.cei.net> wrote:

> I would never convert a doc *back* to text, as it is no longer an
> acceptable format.
> I'll get what you have sent to me processed and uploaded today. 
> Perhaps then your tone will change and we can move on.

The new version of the Mini How-To has now been posted. Thanks.

I sent versions in both text and HTML formats. I specifically asked 
that the text version I sent be posted rather than converting the 
HTML version back to text.

Unfortunately, it seems that the text version that was posted is not
the version I sent, but rather that the HTML version was converted back
to text. This is what I asked not be done, and what Tim said would
never be done. I don't know why it happened; perhaps it was done

I'm once again sending the text version, in a separate message. Can this 
version be posted? Thanks.

(For those who are curious:
The text version I prepared is at:

The text version that was posted is at:

The posted version seems to be re-converted from HTML to text using


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