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Re: Licensing issues

On 20 Sep, Donnie Barnes wrote:

> Folks, look.  This has been beaten to death here and on many other
> mailing lists.  Documentation is not software.  Sure, in some cases it
> is *like* software when folks are collaborating to work on it.  Most
> of the time that is *not* the case, however.  Where it is the case,
> folks can certainly license their docs so that they are modifiable if
> they wish.

.. and no concensus was reached then, at least not on the ldp-l
list. Collaboration is completely irrelevant to the definition.

> I don't care to go into the debate on why we need to avoid this *again*.
> Suffice it to say that documentation IS NOT software.  Leave people the
> ability to choose and let the LDP have the most useful documentation it
> can reasonably have.

Unmodifiable documents are uneditable/untransformable/untypesettable
documents. Documents must be modifiable if they are to published in any
form other than that which the author produces.


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