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Scope of LDP

>I do.  I just spent 4 hours trying to find the answer to a simple
>question.  I want to do what any small office does and integrate my
>dialup, fax and voicemail.  So what modem, produced since 1995, will
>work with mgetty+fax+voice?  The docs tell me to buy a ZyXEL modem
>that has been out of production for years and now sells on eBay for
>$10, and they leave off on USR modems at the 28.8k's

(long snip)
>Gary Lawrence Murphy <garym@canada.com>  TeleDynamics Communications Inc

What doc is this?  The HOWTOs only mention that a control program exists
for ZyXEL but don't suggest that you use it.  I think you are refering to
the mgetty documentation that comes with the mgetty program.  It needs
revision.  Is LDP responsible for the documentation of the thousands of
different programs used with Linux? 

Perhaps we are (or should be).  To do this we will need a team of hundreds
of people to track this.  We could establish guidelines for the UI of
"help" in interactive programs, integrate the manuals with the info
system, etc.  For cases where a program is being maintained, but the
documentation isn't, we would need to find someone who can assist the
author in maintaining both the code and the docs, since it's better to
have someone familiar with the code write the docs.  I've included
statements regarding such a broader scope in an unfinished draft of a 
proposed revision to the LDP Mainifesto. 

                        David Lawyer

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