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Re: General Positive Feedback re: revision of site

In my case, the new site is unusable.  My browser will not go there since
the IP number is shared for more than one domain.  There is no easy way
for me to fix this other than buying a new computer and getting a
different method of internet access.  My lynx browser (not really mine
since it resides at a BBS that will not update it) is an old version. 

I can, however, get to a mirror site.  But the lynx browser only shows a
few lines from the first screenful.  Formerly it showed many lines and 10
times as much info.  I suppose that's because you put some graphics on it.
So for me the site is worse than previously.  I never commented on this
previously since in a way it's my fault for having old hardware (I use
dumb terminals that requires the use of lynx).  But being the author of
Text-Terminal-HOWTO I consider it my duty to keep using terminals
--besides my hard drive makes so much noise it makes my ears ring and I've
located my terminals far away from it. 

                        David Lawyer

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