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Re: General Positive Feedback

On Sat, 25 Sep 1999, David Lawyer wrote:

> In my case, the new site is unusable.  My browser will not go there
> since the IP number is shared for more than one domain.  There is no
> easy way for me to fix this other than buying a new computer and
> getting a different method of internet access.  My lynx browser (not
> really mine since it resides at a BBS that will not update it) is an
> old version.

> More ...

My own imoression was that it was very well put together.  However, I
ran into some problems when I tried to downlod "sgmltools".  Netscape
provides only a dozen or so characters for a file name.  Consequently
I couldn't read the entire names.  What I got were four file names of
"sgmltools....".  If you could make links with the version and type in 
the first spaces it might help.  This might require a notation in the
greeting message.

Also, if a "ftp://ftp.linuxdoc.org" could be opened, we could get the
full filename using the standard ftp program.

Thanks you for all your efforts.


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