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Re: Comments on web site.

Poet wrote:
>In regards to the Core Team statement, although there are a few out there
>that could truly care less about who the "team" is. I can honestly say
>that since we have placed the members in a very visible place people have
>been actually been becoming positive about the project.

Most of the people who come to the site are looking for info.  On my lynx
browser on a small screen, the core team takes up most of the first
screen.  It's OK to have them on the first screen but they should not come
first.  They need to be compactly arranged.  The old site had a few links 
on a single line with everything single spaced.  Now it's only a couple 
of words per line with double spacing.  Thus I think that links to the 
HOWTOs should come first on the page (after a modest LDP title).  And 
they should be more compactly arranged to accomodate large print on small 
screens (like my text-terminal).

                        David Lawyer

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