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Re: LDP web site, etc.


Thank you for your comments, we have talked at length about banner ads and
it has been pretty much decided that they are not required. We have
considered to doing something like link exchange so that more people that
normally wouldn't know about the LDP would. I have also considered running
banners for other OSS sites the way that linux.com does but that will have
to wait until more things come around the corner.

I will look into the samba site and see what they have.

Again, thanks for the comments.


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On Mon, 27 Sep 1999, Richard Ames wrote:

> I'd like to thank those who are working to reinvigorate the LDP....
> Web site:
> It needs to be more compact.
> I agree the core team should be mentioned, but possibly the names are one
> click away. The Samba pages are a good example http://www.samba.org/
> The innovation today with the bar down the left is good but also needs to be
> more concise...
> I understand the banner ad is supplying the prize for the new Logo, but hope
> we don't need ads long term...
> Thanks,
> Richard.

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