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Re: General Positive Feedback re: revision of site (fwd)

On Mon, Sep 27, 1999 at 01:52:42PM -0400, Donnie Barnes wrote:
> like the current one.  I guess the new leader wins?  I personally 
> don't care for that structure.

I don't think anyone "wins" ; people reported problems with current
manifesto (seen the threads on ldp-discuss?), so I think we should fix

However, if more people think it is perfect right now, we'll keep it.

> I still feel that any license that conforms to the current manifesto
> is fine for the LDP.  If you require a single license *or* require
> that the license allow document modification by third parties, I will
> no longer consider contributing LDP documentation.  (No, I haven't
> done much lately, but I certainly wouldn't consider doing more in the
> future, either.)

It will be the same with next manifesto ! DGPL, GPL, OPL...
There won't be a single license, but a set of license, a license guide
and a preferred license.

You'll be free to pick up the one you best like (with restrictions for
thirs parties modification if you pick the DGPL, or less restrictions
with the GPL or the OPL)

> in one place that were *freely redistributable*.  Your changes will
> move the LDP more into the realm of a tightly controlled project with
> a much more narrow agenda and likely less works available for consumption.

What will happens when more license problems arise ?

We can't just ignore them and hope nobody will notice.

> Sure, they might have better QC, but they may also leave things unanswered
> because the document that did have the answers didn't fit the LDP
> criteria.  I think that's a shame.

He's a short sum up :
 - the document must be released under a free license (with details in
   the new manifesto, a license guide, and a set of license)
 - the document must be freely redistributable and printable, but short
   exclusivity (less than 1 year) can be given for initial publication
 - the author must accept, if he can't be reached for more than 2 month
   or if he ever decides to stop maintaining his document, that someone
   else will be given the right to maintain his document (while
   acknowledging previous author of course) under the same license

Not only must we write free documentation, but we must also ensure it
will remain free and available.

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