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Re: General Positive Feedback re: revision of site (fwd)

On 28 Sep, Donnie Barnes wrote:

> Pardon me, but you seem to have the word "manifesto" confused with
> "license".  AFAIK there is *no* LDP "license", and it is my goal to
> keep it that way.  Well, there certainly can be a suggested one, but
> I don't want any required one.  
> Again, that's fine with me.  The "manifesto" includes guidelines for
> minimum acceptability.  There are already plenty of licenses out there

That may have been the intent, but take a careful read of what is
actually presented as the Manifesto at the moment and I think you'll
see that that isn't what it actually says.

I recall Michael "K" (what the heck does that stand for anyway? :)
Johnson posting a revised Manifesto some time ago, but I don't recall
it looking specifically like what is currently called that.


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