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Enough is Enough


We understand that everyone is frustrated with the LDP. We understand
that people are unhappy with the way things are going. This is why all
but one of the maintainers of the LDP are new.

Now... that said, lets not continue this, let us start on a productive
route of recovery for the LDP.

CVS is in the works... Due soon, not soon enough? Too bad, Tim and I
have spoke at length about what he is doing with this and in the end you
will be very pleased at the capabilities this will offer you. 

FTP has been approved... If you want a FTP username and password email
me (Subject: LDP Passwd) and I will get you set up with in 48 hours.
This will work very simply. If you FTP it up, it will be checked for
SGML errors, if it is clean, it forwards to ldp-submit for processing.

Project Status Page:                    End of the Week
Authors Page:                           Mid October
Links Page Arrangement:                 Mid October
Links Page Auto Add:                    Mid October
Yahoo Style Links page:                 Beg November
Web Based Document Submittal:           Beg November
New Author FAQ:                         Not Yet Approved
New Manifesto:                          Not a Clue
New "Sample" Copyright / License:       Write your own
QC:                                     Looking for date on this one

Overall Consensus:                      Never going to happen

I also have complete access to the Howto processing machine and will be
assisting Tim in getting things rolling out the door more often. I am
not going to commit to time frames until I speak further with Tim, but I
believe that we will work on a by weekly schedule. Every other Saturday
or Sunday the documents will be processed.

We may even pull off weekly, where I do it one week he does it the next.

Now you want to flame about this email fine, flame me and me alone.
Don't take it to the list. You want to offer legitimate feedback,
negative or positive, be my guest. In fact please do, I have stated this
before, I believe that feedback when constructive is great.


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