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Re: Final Farewell??

On 29 Sep, Ramana Tadepalli wrote:
> I am however sure about the fact that this is not the
> place for legal matters.
> I quote Tim " Public bickering back and forth has
> no place on this list ", and yes he is absolutely right about that statement.

This list is about discussions relating to the LDP. Those discussions
can not be confined to technical ones because most LDP issues are not
technical(computing) ones.

If those discussions can not take place here where can they take place?
In closed discussion where the ideas and views are invisible?

We're invited to contribute feedback, and then accused of bickering when
it's offered.

It seems to me that if nobody speaks up, the parts of the LDP that I
value most highly are at risk of being eroded away and lost as
collatoral damage. For me that will mean the LDP loses the only aspects
of it that interest me. I doubt I'm alone in that.


terry@albert.animats.net, terry@linux.org.au

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