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Re: QC volunteers? (Was: Re: General Positive Feedback re: revision of site (fwd))

I would be happy to post it to the site... but I don't have a copy

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> On Mon, Sep 27, 1999 at 09:51:01AM +1000, Terry Dawson wrote:
> > ... and then what? mutter comments into the winds?
> You'd better send them to ldp-submit and Cc the author :-)
> > Is there some document, that even briefly, describes the role and function
> > of the QC, what actions they should take, and how they should take them?
> It has been posted by Alessandro Rubini some weeks ago, clearly
> explaining the goals and the functions of the members.
> (BTW, could it be added to our site ?)
> > As an author I'm not interested in submitting a document for QC and having
> > ten responses telling me the same things. I'd like a single coordinated
> > response please. Otherwise I might just as well use the community at large
> > for QC as I always have.
> As a 'trusted' author (this is not your first time) I doubt anyone will
> reread your document, but you can request it if you want more immediate
> feedback.
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