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Re: Removal of HOWTOs

> I would like to plead with the LDP leadership that they remove my HOWTO
> documents in near future since they are becoming more and more outdated
> and I still receive e-mails about its content. I get stuff like the
> message below daily so I would really appreciate if you could remove the
> documents since they contain stuff that is outdated and in a lot of cases
> obsolete or incorrect. 

A question:  I know you no longer care to be a "part" of the LDP in an
official capacity (whatever that means).  But if the LDP were to setup a
mirror of your *current* content (and thus not require submissions from
you directly), would you care if your doc were still in the LDP?

I'm only asking this as a hypothetical.  The LDP leaders would have to
choose to do this.  I just think it is the best solution to this "problem"
that has somehow been created.  I doubt you care to jilt the LDP if it
will actually update your docs and you don't have to interact with it, 

Which really begs the question why the LDP requires submissions and doesn't
offer this as an option anyway.  *shrug*


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