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Re: public_domain

On Wed, 20 Oct 1999, David Lawyer wrote:

> PUBLIC DOMAIN (Here are my thoughts on it)
> If a document doesn't have a copyright, it may be in the public
> domain.  Some of the HOWTOs are like this.  But I recall once seeing a
> statement that if you failed to include a license, then it would
> default to the LDP license.  But if there's no copyright notice, then
> it probably doesn't need a license.  Even if it was not the authors
> intention to place it in the public domain, people are likely to treat
> it as if it were in the public domain.

Documents (including electronic documents) will remain the copyright of
the author unless stated otherwise. That is at least according to the
Dutch law on published works. I expect other countries will have similar
laws in effect.


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