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Re: Informal survey (was Re: Banner ads)

not to be a spoiler, but (as I have told guylhem in the past) one reason
he didn't hear from metalab is because no one bothered to contact us. i
took myself off the ldp list back in 1996 when i went to virginia for a
year and never remembered to get back on (since i'm not an ldp author, i
wasn't missing much i thought ;->). still i feel that it would have been
proper for us to be notified and certainly more appropriate that some
planning and announcements made before any move. as it was, i found out by
people asking me why we had a SGI banner on the LDP page! no thanks for
supporting the project since the beginning.
i've tried to keep my silence about this in public and be cooperative as
usual especially as any new group needs support, but i will not let the
claim that "metalab didn't respond" go unanswered any more.
let's move on now.
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