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Re: Informal survey (was Re: Banner ads)

> I am afraid, at least in IMHO it is not obvious, agreed, most people that
> are reasonable Linux Veterans know of the Linux Documentation Project but
> most people I talk to that are just "hobbyists" have never heard of us.
> Most new users don't even know where the /usr/doc directory is. And even
> if it is listed in the CD or Book... when was the last time you read the
> instructions?

People don't need to have heard of the LDP. The LDP exists to produce
quality documentation, it doesn't exist to promote itself.

What is important is that people always have the ability to find free
quality documentation. The LDP exists to meet that need. So long as
people are able to download a GNU/Linux distribution from the net, or
pay for a $5 CDROM, or take a copy of their mates disk and get
documentation right along with it, then the LDP is meeting its goal.

I think the only reason the LDP (the informal entity) needs a
public profile at all is to promote the idea of it being something to
contribute to.

We shouldn't be promoting the LDP. We should be promoting the works of
the LDP, and we should be promoting contribution and participation in
the LDP.

I think it is only the latter that needs any significant work.

Writing documentation is good. It's fun, boring, rewarding,
thankless work and is critically important to the success of Linux.


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