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Re: Sponsorship Funding of the LDP

On 24 Oct, Gary Lawrence Murphy wrote:

> If I were directing the LDP, though, I'd move even closer together. I
> would have the mandate focus enclusively on Linux education.  It would
> be "a project to document Linux" and say nothing about ownership.  LDP
> would be a conduit where any document relating to Linux could be
> found, whether free, OPL or commercial.  The LDP would be as much a
> "metadocument" as an actual repository.

Gary, there is absolutely nothing at all stopping you doing that right
now. Just build a meta-project that includes the LDP.

To want to put the LDP at the top of such a tree I think misses the
fundamental reason that the LDP was created and exists. The software is
free, so should the documentation be.


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