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Re: DNS volunteer needed

On 24 Oct, Guylhem Aznar wrote:

> Please don't talk about mutiny :
> When I see the problem we have trying to agree on thigs as simple as a
> format for documents or a license guide, one of my nightmare is the LDP
> blowing up and having no more free documentation for GNU/Linux.

I don't. I see the LDP blowing up and factions of like-minded
individuals going off and doing what they wanted to do in the first

It's already happened.

OSWG are making very interesting inroads.

They seem to have decided on some document standards, have just about
completed a CVS server, building a HOWTO repository and are discussing
licensing issues. They even managed to produce a nice logo without
prizes, in a couple of weeks and with no banner ads.

I think I'll be sending future version of my documents to both.


terry@animats.net, terry@linux.org.au, terry@albert.vk2ktj.ampr.org

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