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Re: Informal survey (was Re: Banner ads)

On Mon, Oct 25, 1999 at 03:25:03PM +0200, Stein Gjoen wrote:
> We should get back to waliking before starting to run, I see
> little benefit in expending time and effort on new avenues
> when old ones are being left behind for no good reason. From
> what I have seen the core team has not communicated any plans
> to disband news:comp.os.linux.answers or has it? Unless it is

This is tighly linked with the ftp site ; please wait.
Joshua is working on scripts to ease all this.

However I can write a quick&dirty bash script if it is *that* urgent for

Paul, can I put in on metalab?

> Also I believe it is better to present something which is
> working well at a conference. Negative impressions from Slashdot
> articles are probably not forgotten.

The LDP *is* back to work.

> > We can use publicity instead!
> Yes! On-line websites and news, and on-disk with installations. The
> latter has plenty of opportunities for improvement, ref my
> suggestions in an previous posting.

RedHat is helping both its users and the LDP having a "LDP" icon on the
desktop of each GNOME user.

We should find new ways to promote the LDP ; would you like to make a
list of possible opportunities?

I'm sorry but I can't find your previous posting.

> Is the FTP up yet? I submitted my data to get access but
> never heard anything back.

It is not ready, coming soon.

> I'd like to add new ones. A quick check on my Redhat 6.0 machine
> using

We have an icon on the GNOME desktop but looks like it is not enough.

Maybe should we ask for a short README.documentation to be put in
/etc/skel ?

It could explain man, info, what is the LDP, where documentation is, how
to use it...

> Also many installations come up with a ready made list of
> bookmarks etc. Freshmeat is listed, LDP is not. This too
> should be a simple and efficent way of promoting LDP.

I didn't see this on a redhat 6.1 ; which installations are you talking

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