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Re: Union?

Guylhem Aznar wrote:
>We are discussion an union under "GNU/Linux documentation project" name,
>with independant sections like "Linux HOWTO", "Hurd HOWTO", "GNOME
>online help", "FAQ", "Guides"... which would become a part of the GNU
>Nothing would really change for the Linux HOWTO section, yet it would
>bring many advantages.
>For example, we could use a *real* standard for documentation, the FSF
>could subventionate some projects (like hiring authors for 3 years old
>unmaintained HOWTOs), we could have tighter links with software authors,
>an knowledge base/index for the whole documentation, we would avoid
>duplicating efforts, we could maintain our own apps for the
>indexing/browsing, have a coherent Peer Review ("QC" is too harsh)...
>What do authors think about that?

The FSF documentation that I've looked at could stand a lot of improvement.
I've seen docs poorly organized, missing important info etc.  This is not 
any extra money to spend on our projects.  If they did, it would hurt any 
effort by FSF to improve their own docoumentation. 

Another problem is the licensing issue.  We allow authors to restrict
modification of their docs (but recommend that they don't do this).  I
think that eventually LDP should only accept docs which at least allow
modification if the author fails to maintain the doc or can't be located. 
Even if this is done, LDP would still allow the author more leeway than
GPL.  We also need to see how the DGPL by FSF turns out. 

Thus I'm sceptical about the benefits of merger.   I think we 
should be allied with FSF but should not merge with it at this time.

                        David Lawyer

>I think it is a great opportunity to go on enhancing the Documents, and
>fix the causes (over fragmentation, years-old unmaintained HOWTOs...)

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