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Re: Manifesto Draft-2

My Comments Below:

On Thu, 28 Oct 1999, David Lawyer wrote:

<CITE>The Linux Documentation Project is working on developing free, high
<CITE>quality documentation for the GNU/Linux operating system.
The only Linux distribution that claims to be GNU/Linux is Debian. I
believe that we should say something to the effect of:

high quality documentation for the Linux operating system and it's
derivatives??? or maybe just remove the GNU/Linux and say Linux.

<CITE>overall goal of the LDP is to collaborate in all of the issues of
<CITE>Linux documentation. 

I don't understand this sentence. 

<CITE> This includes the creation of "HOWTOs" and
<CITE>"Guides".  We hope to establish a system of documentation for Linux
<CITE>that will be easy to use and search.  This includes the integration
<CITE>of the manual pages, info docs, HOWTOs, and other documents.

I think that maybe the above sentence is not required as the sentence
below pretty much states it all.

<CITE>LDP's goal is to create the canonical set of free Linux documentation.
<CITE>While online (and downloadable) documentation can be frequently
<CITE>updated in order to stay on top of the many changes in the Linux
<CITE>world, we also like to see the same docs included on CDs and printed
<CITE>in books.  If you are interested in publishing any of the LDP works,
<CITE>see the section ``Publishing LDP Manuals'', below.  

The LDP's primary focus is to create a canonical set of free Linux
documentation. Although our primary distribution focus is the
Internet, we would like to encourage all vendors to publish the LDP's
documents to CD's and any printed works they may publish. If you are
interested in publishing any of the LDP documentation please see the
section "Publishing LDP Manuals", below.

<CITE>The LDP is essentially a loose team of volunteers with minimal
<CITE>central organization.  Anyone who would like to help is welcome to
<CITE>join in this effort.  We feel that working together informally and
<CITE>discussing projects on our mailing lists is the best way to go.
<CITE>When we disagree on things, we try to reason with each other until
<CITE>we reach an informed consensus. 

I don't think the paragraph has need of being in the manifesto.


Maybe a more titled approach, e.g.;



<CITE>Currently, the major effort of the LDP is the writing of HOWTOs.  If
<CITE>you think you would like to write a certain HOWTO first check to see
<CITE>if one already exists on your topic.  If so, you may contact the
<CITE>maintainer and offer to help.  

<CITE>If there is no HOWTO about it, you
<CITE>may want to create a new HOWTO.  See the Howto-HOWTO and/or the
<CITE>HOWTO-INDEX for more details.  

If a HOWTO about the desired subject does not exist, and you would like to
write one please see the Howto-HWOTO and/or the HOWTO-INDEX for more


These are book-size LDP documents covering broad

<CITE>topics such as system administration.  We also maintain the
<CITE>man-pages for C-programming and devices.
<CITE>Other tasks include checking the HOWTOs for clarity and errors,
<CITE>improving our website, and developing an integrated system of
<CITE>documentation for Linux.  If you are interested in any such project
<CITE>(other than writing HOWTOs), contact the current LDP Leader Guylhem 
<CITE>Aznar at guylhem@oeil.qc.ca.

I don't think that the below needs to be in the Manifesto


Belongs in something like "Writing a LDP Document"

<CITE>Here are the conventions that are currently used by LDP documents.
<CITE>+ If you are interested in writing another document using different
<CITE>conventions, please let us know of your plans first.
<CITE>Regular HOWTO documents must be in SGML format using the
<CITE>+ Anyone may copy and distribute (sell or give away) LDP documents (or
<CITE>Here is a sample copyright notice and``boilerplate'' license you may 
<CITE>want to use for your work:
<CITE>Copyright (c) 2000 by John Doe (change to your name)

Belongs in its own document

<CITE>If you're a publishing company interested in distributing any of the
<CITE>LDP documents, read on.
<CITE>By the license requirements given previously, anyone is allowed to

The beginning of my thoughts, overall a good document but I think we need
to adhere to a little more structure (document wise). Also although I do
not in anyway pretend to be a grammar wizard (frankly I suck at it), I
believe that we should put this through some paces.

Joshua Drake

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