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Re: Manifesto Draft-2

On 31 Oct, Poet/Joshua Drake wrote:

> I beg to differ, Yes the utilities are mostly GNU but for example, the
> most widely used desktop is KDE and it is not part of the FSF nor is
> Apache, Postgres, Mysql, Perl as well as many others. Besides the LDP is
> not a FSF project or in fact a GNU project. 

I'm being a little liberal with my use of the term GNU. I think of
anything covered the the GPL as GNUish. libc and the compiler are GNU.
bash and many(most?) of the shell utilities are GNU. GIMP, Gnome and
a number of other large applications are GNU. Flavour it how you like,
I don't think running apache or sendmail makes the operating system any
less GNU.

Most of what the LDP documents is not Linux, but stuff that uses Linux.


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