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Re: free vs. non-free debate


> I find this view rather short sighted.  I thought our being here as the LDP
> is to document Linux and provide information to people to let them use it.
I tend to agree more than just a little.

> I don't think it's in our "charter" to dictate to people what they should use.
> We should provide a higher emphasis on free software, but denying documentation
> about non-free software is shooting the Linux community in the foot.

> Sometimes, non-free software is the answer that is required.  It's not a failing
> of the free software community, it's just the way it is.  MySQL isn't Oracle,
> Koffice isn't StarOffice, and there isn't a bit of free software out there
> that's Remedy.
Let's really put some thought into this.  If we delve deep enough into
many documents, I think we'd see that we're alot more commercial (at least
endorse it in one form or another) than we think we are.

Then I ask this:
If we are not or choose not to support non-free documentation, then where
does that leave us?  What are we to do with our Commercial-HOWTO and
Consultants HOWTO?  RedHat is certainly *not* free, but yet we have HOWTOs
that support it as well as other software.

There is a fine line here, and perhaps I'm only making things a little
more hazy, but let's not cut off our nose despite our face.

Best Regards,
Tim Bynum

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