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Re: free vs. non-free debate

Vern Hoxie wrote:
> On Tue, 2 Nov 1999, Guylhem Aznar wrote:
> > Save Mumia Abu Jamal !!                http://ornitho.org/mumia/
> > Linux Documentation Project:           http://www.linuxdoc.org
> > Clef PGP/PGP key:                      http://oeil.qc.ca/~guylhem
> > Chez moi/At home:                      guylhem \@/ oeil.qc.ca
> Please note in your signature that this is the "Linux Documentation
> Project".  It is not the "GNU Documentation Project" nor is it the
> "Debian Documentation Project".

We're not documenting a "Linux system" or a "GNU/Linux system"
or even a "MS/Linux system".  We're here to document applications
that just happen to run with the Linux kernel.  Much of what is
written can probably easily be used by the SCO, *BSD, and maybe
Solaris folk with some small changes.  Given that (gosh!) some
commercial applications happen to run on that kernel, who are we
to deny documentation of that application?

> Also note that this a "documentation" project.  It does not infer that
> the software under discussion must come from any single source.  The
> project pretends to be an aid to users of the Linux kernel, so why all
> the furor over what ever the source of the software?


> This appears to be another example of the hypocrisy of "liberal"
> politicians.  They make a lot of noise about how much they care about
> others as long as the others comply to their selfish pursuits.

Thpt!  Keep politics out of this.

> Believe me, this project is inundated with politicians and few
> contributors.

I disagree.  However, I would like to see some of these issues
hashed out before opening the floodgates to more documentation,
and that requires politicians.  Like you.  And me.  And Tim, and
anyone else with an opinion on this.


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