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Re: working SGML package

On Sat, 6 Nov 199, Greg Ferguson wrote:

> I'd be interested in hearing what you (that's a collective "you";
> any and all involved) would like to have in an ideal toolset.

If I can respond as a singular "you", here is my ideal toolset.

1. Breakout "jade" as a separate package.

2. Include a list of support packages and which versions are needed.
   a. Groff - add in the -mgs macro if it is reaaly needed.  This was
      not included in my "GNU troff version 1.10"
   b. Perl
   c. Python
   d. TeX - add the macros not included in the official TUG package.
   e. Jade
   f. All other packages and their URL's which are required.

3. All packages be available as tar-balls either gzipped or
   bk2-zipped.  All of us don't run Debian, RedHat, SuSe or any other
   Linux distribution which use rpm.  Any CVS references to users is
   meaningless and superflous.

4. Be available from an ftp site.

5. The HTML display should provide the complete file name.  When
   browsing "http://www.us.sgmltools.org" with Netscape, the source
   directory lists six "sgmltools ...." files without any hint of the

6. It must compile on smaller machines.  All of us don't have access
   to corporate or University monstrous machines.  The GNU g++
   compiler really requires an ungodly amount of virtual memory.

7. Test the Makefile for a build/install from scratch.  If you would
   like me to run a pre-release test, I would be willing to stress my

Standby, I'll bitch about some more as time goes on. :-)


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