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Re: working SGML package

>>>>> "H" == Hugo van der Kooij <Hugo.van.der.Kooij@caiw.nl> writes:

    >> installation should also build the system CATALOG file to a
    >> useful set of features

    H> It seems the RPM files from Cygnus do that at install time. But
    H> I'm no expert in that particular area.

It didn't for me; I _think_ I installed the Cygnus tools (are those
the sgml-VERSION kit?  I installed so many different distros in search
of something I could grok that I lost count.  Maybe what I need is the
ability to mix and match vendors and just fetch the tools I need to
complete what I now have with OpenJade.

    >> - You should be able to extend stylesheets locally (ie system
    >> wide) and on a per-document basis without adding three 'path'
    >> options to your command line.

    H> This is as much a thing of organising stylesheets. But a single
    H> variable should be able to distinguish between
    H> myorg/mysheet.dsl and yourorg/yoursheet.dsl I guess.

Single variable _where_? Environment? A define in the makefile?  This
is one place where I got bogged down and settled for the brute force
of having several hard-coded options in my Makefile.

    H> Or something like: db2html
    H> (which allready exists)

I didn't get one, or if I did, I didn't find it.  The docs lead me to
sgml2html which partially worked when I used an sgmltools-VERSION package
I got from Norm's site (I think) but broke when I moved to OpenJade.

Now is this a topic for a HOWTO or what? :)

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