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I put this name, GNU/Linux, at the very start of the Manifesto.  Elsewhere
in the Manifesto it's simply called Linux.  I thought that this was a
reasonable compromise.  It implies that we recognize both "Linux" and
"GNU/Linux".  Perhaps GNU/Linux is the official name and Linux is the
nickname we commonly use. 

My views repeat what various others have said.  GNU/Linux is just too long
for common use, and yet it's true that Linux could never have got started
without all the tools, etc. from FSF.  The name should be derived from the
founders and not from others who have made substantial contributions to
Linux since then.  I stongly believe that we should recognize FSF's long
struggle, the denouement of which was Linux with the kernel by Linus.

I know that what I've done is kind of "wishy-washy" but I think it 
better than to put some kind of statement pointing out the contribution of 
FSF in our manifesto.
                                David Lawyer

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