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Re: working SGML package

Greg Ferguson wrote:
> I'd be interested in hearing what you (that's a collective "you";
> any and all involved) would like to have in an ideal toolset.

I would very much like better plain text output support. I hear that
this low tech output is even less supported in newer systems than in
the existing Linuxdoc systems and that I find disturbing (hopefully
something has been done to fix this).

As a bonus I'd like support for inserting ^L (form feed) into the
ascii so that I can be resonably sure that large tables will not
be interrupted by page breaks. Perhaps this could be the equivalent
of a horizontal rule in HTML.

A more pressing problem is the sad fact that titles containing
markup such as <tt/ext2fs/ damages the table of contents. This
can be seen at
(scroll down across the exessive blank lines first to get to)
headings such as
     5.1 General Purpose File Systems
        5.1.1 (TT
        5.1.2 (TT
        5.1.3 (TT

This is not good enough for users of plain text and this bug has
existed for a long time now. Let us not forget that not everyone
on this planet has dual head quad hexium pro 1200 MHz machines.

   Stein Gjoen

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