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Re: Resuming HOWTO posting


> Why not?  I thought that was the objective of the LDP.  Has it
> degenerated into a contribution to RedHat/Debian?

I cannot for the life of me figure out where this came from.  I personally
don't even use either of these as my distribution of choice.

> Even if the collection is distributed on the installation disk, are
> purchasers expected to buy new disks every few months to keep current?

No one is expected to buy anything.  ??

> I have sensed a commercial objective in the discussions which have
> occurred on this list.  The lack of service on C.O.L.A is an
> indication that users are expected to buy a new disk or a new book
> periodically while it should be distributed for free (no money) on the 
> newsgroup which was created for that purpose.

Certainly not from me.

I have given up a fully paid trip to Vegas and Comdex, so that I may stay
home and work on some of the LDP issues.

We are honestly trying to make things better.  I will attempt to
repopulate C.O.L.A with the HOWTOs this weekend.

> The last posting was March 25, 1998.

I get the point....I will work this weekend to correct this.

To be honest, I (nor anyone else that I am aware of) has been contacted me
in regards to this.  I am not talking about the discussion on ldp-discuss,
but rather outside of this.  This puzzles me if it is in such "high"
demand.  As I said above, I will work this weekend to correct it.

Thank You,

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