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Re: [mjr@iki.fi: Re: Resuming HOWTO posting]

David Lawyer wrote:

> With about 200 mirror sites, is there much point in posting HOWTOs to cola?

Certainly c.o.l.announce should get all major announcements, things like publication
of a new Handbook, a new mirror if it is particularly fast or well-located, ...

> If there is and it's easy to to, then OK.  But if it will take some
> time to write scripts to implement it, then it might be best to just
> abolish the newsgroup.

Quite difficult, not within the LDP's scope, and not a good idea.

> "Answers" is just too broad of a topic for a Linux newsgroup.

Nonsense. There are many *.answers newsgroups and have been for years. They exist
mainly for FAQs, but any informative periodic posting should be OK.

It isn't clear whether HowTos should be posted there. That would mean many large postings,
and some extra work, for benefits that seem dubious to me.

Certainly, though, things like:

       list of LDP mirror sites
       list of available HowTos
       list of available handbooks
       if possible, info on getiing docs by email for those without web/ftp
       Linux FAQs

should be posted every month or so. No question.

Any Linux FAQ document posted either to another newsgroup or to the web should also
appear in at least c.o.l.answers, comp.answers (all computer FAQs) and news.answers
(all FAQs).

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