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Re: [mjr@iki.fi: Re: Resuming HOWTO posting]

[some snipping, excessive linelengths ahead...]

David Lawyer wrote:
> >
> >David Lawyer wrote:
> >
> >> With about 200 mirror sites, is there much point in posting HOWTOs to cola?
> In the above context cola = c.o.l.answers.
> Sandy Harris wrote:
> >Certainly c.o.l.announce should get all major announcements, things like
> >publication
> >of a new Handbook, a new mirror if it is particularly fast or well-located, ...
> >
> Agreed.  But, I wasn't talking about c.o.l.announce.
> >> If there is and it's easy to to, then OK.  But if it will take some
> >> time to write scripts to implement it, then it might be best to just
> >> abolish the newsgroup.

How was it done in the past? I would strongly recommend
getting something out now, even if it has to be done
semi-manually. Then, let us look at how Greg did it earlier.

> We're talking about abolishing c.o.l.answers.  I just checked it and it
> seems dead (nothing recently posted) so in a sense it has almost been
> abolished.

>From where I see the only remainingposting is from the Linux Journal,
last post at 8th November. It looks like they post around first week
in every month. Clearly the newsgroup is not entirely dead but the
main purpose is no longer in force.

> If there is significant interest in "answers" why is not anyone posting
> there?  Isn't "misc" a better name for answers to miscellaneous Linux
> questions?  We also have a number of specific Linux newsgroups and need many

The .answers is for more authoratative postings and the group is
moderated to reduce noise. The .setup group is the noisy alternative.
Perhaps some help indeces could be posted to that group with some high
visibility subject lines?

We have some statistics for traffic in the help groups and could use
these to get an idea of the usefulness of using .answers; as it is
today very few of the replies to requests for help even mention the
LDP or the HOWTOs.

   Stein Gjoen

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