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Okay, this is getting stupid...

Okay, I'm through fighting with these crappy tools.  Time to ask
for help....

1) Who has a LinuxDoc->DocBook converter working with RedHat 6.0?
2) What tools did you install to get this (versions and URLs)
3) What commands did you run (outside of RPM) to get this conversion
to work?
4) What LinuxDoc did you send to the converter?

Responses get their names in lights in the HOWTO-HOWTO (once I get
it working :).


Carlo Gavazzi IPC     | Mark F. Komarinski, RHCE - Compat. Engineer|
176 Second Ave        | markk@cgipc.com - www.cgipc.com            |
Waltham, MA 02451 USA | Ph: 781-290-4800 x138  Fx: 781-290-4810    |

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