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Re: Caution: Newbie online.

>>>>>> "N" == Nelson Ingersoll <ningersoll@codenet.net> writes:
>    N> Any thoughts from anyone where I might focus my waning years of
>    N> talent for the benefit of Linux?  (Gawd, you opened yourself up
>    N> there Mac!)

Someone not in the LDP suggested that you convert docs to DocBook. There
are already a few people looking into this and one more will not help that
much in sorting it out.  I can't go to DocBook since my computer can't
handle it.  I suggest that you look thru the HOWTOs and see what's missing
and/or out of date and then volunteer to create or take over the
authorship of a HOWTO. 

Perhaps you could create a list of HOWTOs which need to be revised or 
created and then try to recruit people to work on them.

                        David Lawyer

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