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I've not disappeared.

     After that somewhat, to me anyway, amazing and tumultuous welcome I 
did not slink away.  Rather I am looking at DocBook since that seems to be 
a general consensus starting place.  Like just about everything technical 
it takes a little while to find my bearings.

     I can see that there are some disagreements within LDP about what 
needs to be done, why, and when.  I don't know enough about the details to 
form an opinion so I don't.  Don't get me wrong.  About many things I have 
opinions as all will find out in due time.

     If someone has some text or general reading they want proof read toss 
it my way and tell me when you'd like to have a reply.  I'll probably 
stumble in my responses a few times until I figure out how to properly do 
things.  There will be content even though the style may be somewhat ad 
hoc.  I may be new to Linux.   I am not ignorant.  If I get too much I'll 
let you know.

- Nelson ...
   (As I know nothing else, ignorance is my defense.) 

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