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converted ascii docs for viewing.

Hello again.....

I've run the script over all the HOWTOs in ascii format (not the mini's
just yet) and you can view them at the following URL:


I'd appreciate a volunteer or two to take a look at them and let me know
if you see anything out of the ordinary.  I've gone through them and they
look cool to me, but I've been staring at them for quite some time now.

I'll go back and do the mini's as well and they will be placed in a sub
off the same directory tree (eg. asciiconv/mini/)

If this all pans out I'll upload them to metalab tonight.

Next I'm going to go through the docs to figure which ones have ended up
toast after sgmltools has gotten ahold of them and mangled the 'Contents'

Ok, where's all the people willing to help the LDP out?  ;)

Thanks for any and all feedback!

Linux HOWTOs http://www.linuxdoc.org/HOWTO/
tjbynum@metalab.unc.edu, linux-howto@metalab.unc.edu (HOWTO's)

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