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Re: VA Linux's Spamming

> Of course it benefits the company since it will give them about $50
> million cash to support their highly unprofitable operation.

Do you not pay attention on purpose, or can you not help it?

You missed my point entirely.  They'll sell those shares regardless
of whether or not anyone in the community is able to buy them.
They will raise that $50M with or without you.

Why?  Well, they wouldn't have an underwriter if they weren't
*sure* that there was demand for their stock at the going out
price *and* demand enough to drive the price up at least some
past that.  

What I said was that -making this offer to the community- does
not help the company.  Making this offering to the public certainly
does help them, but there was no reason they *had* to make it to
the community as well.

Trust me, this is a grand pain in the butt to make happen.  They
are probably cursing the RHAT stock symbol daily because they had
to follow our lead and make this offer.  They are in the midst
of one of the largest headache's they'll ever have.  They could 
have avoided it all by not ever sending that "spam" and made their
own lives much easier.  But instead they did the Right Thing(tm).
And yet they still get flamed for it, as did we.  *sigh*


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