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Re: comments on website

Yves Bellefeuille wrote:
> Kendall Clark <kclark@ntlug.org> wrote:
> > 6. The HOWTOs also suffer from orthographic schizophrenia: is it
> > "HOWTOs" or "Howto's"?
> It has to be "HOWTOs" or "Howtos". The apostrophe is wrong.
> Personally, I prefer "How-To". ;-)

When I typed "howto" in Alta Vista, I was assailed with :
" Spell check: Did you mean how-to? "      :-)

Oh well, I guess it is properly considered a compound noun. Of course,
virtually all the search results are linux-related "HOWTOs" or
"HOWTO's."  There is a " FreeBSD Security How-To" (

>From " Woe is I " by Patricia T. O'Conner :

One Potato, Two Potato:
Words that end in O

O for a simple solution to this one!

* Most form their plurals by adding s : Romeos who wear tattoos and
invite bimbos to their studios to see their portfolios are likely to be

* A small number of words that end in o form their plurals by adding es.
Some of the most common are in this example: The heroes saved the
cargoes of tomatoes and potatoes from the mosquitoes and tornadoes by
hiding them in grottoes.

If you are unsure about the plural of an o word, look it up in the

( Remember Dan Quayle ?)

"HOWTO" is not in my dictionary  :-(

Because "HOWTO" is not an abbreviation, I believe we may agree that
"HOWTOs" is correct.

Ah, saturday night diversions. Sorry.


Howard Mann
Online Troubleshooting Resources:HOWTO

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