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Re: Website, spam, etc

The site and logo look great! all that i miss from a usability standpoint
is a decent search engine (heck even an indecent one); this is sorely
needed and we, at metalab, are more than happy to help do whatever it
takes to get one up with you.

I particularly like the color choices. The blue is "Carolina Blue" our
school color!

The banner must die! soon i hope so that the logo gets the better
attention that it deserves. congrats to crdempsey@uswest.net

on va's spam or offer. i didn't get it so i guess i could complain ;-> I
did get the red hat one and i'm eternally grateful that i did--especially
given the past few days of activity. va and redhat both took on some tuff
problems in trying to fairly include the open source community in their
successes. both have had their rough spots; redhat in teaching e*trade how
to behave (and us as well) and va in controlling the size of their
document (with no doubt other problems to follow). i'm glad that both have
tried to include all of those of us that they could identify--just trying
to identify members of the open source community is a daunting task. if
you could just give a DNA test....

                             Paul Jones
   "We must protect our precious bodily fluids!" General Jack D Ripper
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