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Re: how to insert an url


In article <19991128163249.A10210@chaser.ttssolutions.org>
glb@dds.nl writes:

> I want to insert an url in a HOWTO. Should I use the SGML tab <url> or
> the <htmlurl> tag?

Please try to compare the following two cases:

    <url url="http://bla.com/" name="BLA">
    <htmlurl url="http://bla.com/" name="BLA">

the former results in "BLA" in txt, while the
latter becomes "BLA <http://bla.com/>".

I think <htmlurl is more suitable when you want
to *hide* the bare URL from the text, e.g.
"mailto:...", "news:..." etc.

If you just want "<http://bla.com/>" in txt,
you can omit the "name" and write:

    <url url="http://bla.com/">

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