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Re: <table>s in SGML (fwd)

> > Is it possible and advisable to use an equivalent of HTML <table>s
> > (with <tr>, <td>, etc. tags) in SGML/Linuxdoc. How does one do
> > them?
> > 
> > --
> > Risto Varanka | http://www.helsinki.fi/~rvaranka/
> > risto.varanka@helsinki.fi
> It is certainly possible. You could use a combination of Lyx and SGML
> tools.
> You specify the linuxdoc dtd as a "template" in Lyx. Create your
> document, including tables , in Lyx. Export the result as linuxdoc. The
> HOWTO HOWTO describes this process in more detail.

Umm suppose I do my SGML by hand in Emacs, and have never even
seen LyX.  Which tags should I use? Is there clear documentation
about this?

Risto Varanka

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