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Editing/QA for LDP docs.

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Since CVS is (almost?) operational, we should probably start thinking
about putting it to work.  We'd mentioned something about doing QA on
docs and whatnot, but I don't recall any serious discussion on the
topic.  We probably need some structured guidelines for it to work
really well, but lacking those, we could at least do copy editing. 
Just the basics, like spelling, grammar, punctuation and the like.  I
know that the Linuxdoc to text tools have a couple of "glitches", and
it looks like there are some problems with HTML output as well.  Is
the CVS server just doing the SGML sources, or other formats as well?
 If it's hosting the other formats, we (those of us with some free
time) could volunteer to take a doc in both SGML and the other
formats and check the non-sgml versions for consistency, to make sure
that the formatter has done a good job.  Of course, if the only thing
that the CVS server is holding onto is the SGML sources, we can't do
that.  Comments?

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