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RE: Editing/QA for LDP docs.

> I would think that having minor corrections being possible by
> whomever is a member of the "editors" group would be almost a
> requirement.  It shouldn't be that hard to give access to a few
> people who have volunteered to do editing so that they can commit
> their changes back to the CVS repository.  

Yes....having a group with the access will be no problem, but should it be
expanded upon is my question?  Not exactly a lot of volunteers now for
reading docs submitted to ldp-submit. :(

> right off, the BootDisk howto, but the author is the one who tipped
> me off to this, because I was just looking at the HTML output and
> trying to use the HOWTO, not to proof read it.  I keep meaning to
> grab the SGML sources to that one, but I haven't gotten there yet. 
> I'm not sure what can be done, if there is an error in the linuxdoc
> to html tools, unless it can be worked around by writing the sgml
> slightly differently.

Generally it takes a little time and effort but in *some* instances you
can find work-a-rounds.

> This should be simple to work around.  You allow anybody to check
> documents out, but only designated people to check them back in.  I
> don't see that as a big problem myself, but I could be missing
> something here.  

Anyone *will* have the abilities to checkout whichever document(s) he or
she wishes....

Authorization will utilize PGP

> Once again, I think that we should allow some people who want to
> volunteer to do this sort of thing write access to the CVS
> repository, and allow anonymous read access.  Some script can go
> through and look at the documents that have changed since the last
> time it was run, and re-process those SGML sources into output for
> distribution.  This could be done on a daily basis, or less often
> depending on how many changes are getting made.  

It will be done automatically via the "Builder" script that I'm working on


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