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Couple of questions/requests


Could all the email links on the LDP Web pages be changed so that they
have the subject for subscribing already in them?

<A href="">

It certainly would make things easier on those subscribing and may cut
down a little on the email the lists get with "Subscribe" in the body of
them.  I don't mind changing the links, but I didn't want to step on any
toes as the web pages are not my doing.

Also, what's up with the email archives and "cron".  I couldn't remember
why I never viewed them, and when I went to them I soon remembered.  Could
we please do something about that?  I highly doubt anyone is willing to
use them in their current state.

I've used/use WebMailFolder (wmf) and it works wonderfully and I've always
been happy with it.  See http://wallybox.cei.net/dipc/ml-archive/
I would be happy to set this (or anything else) up if needed.

It can be found at:


I'm sure there are *plenty* of other options....this is only one of them.


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