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Re: LDP CVS Repository almost here

> Maybe we should provide basic information about CVS (loggin in,
> retrieving files, uploading files) for authors in the HOWTO-HOWTO ?

Sorry, my email wasn't too clear. What I meant to ask was what the CVS
thing itself was meant for. As in; meant for who: all authors, or only
certain people like the ones who maintain the page of currently
available HOWTOs, if it was only meant for downloading or uploading or
both for either everybody (well upload obviously only for authors I
would assume) or those 'special people'

But from reading your reply I conclude the CVS rep. is going to be used
for both downloads and uploads. This would make most sense to me, but I
just wanted to make sure I was on the right track.

Though, providing basic information on CVS in the HOWTO-HOWTO would be a
good thing to do.

TTS Linux Solutions
Gerard Beekmans

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