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I've been lurking on the list and really can say that I am not one 
who could write the documentation because of my lack of experience, 
but reading the documentation I've found that there are rarely 
examples of common uses for a command.

For example:  reading the man page on tar, you find all sorts of 
useful commands and can think of many ways of using them, but what is 
unclear is how they are used.

"tar -l <filename>" you would think would give you a listing of the 
files, but it fails to mention outright that it must be accompanied 
by another flag.

"tar -x <filename>" is how the man page reads to extract a file, but 
fails to mention that it will default to tape drive and "tar -xf 
<filename>" is a more common usage.

My point is, there are a lot of beginning Linux users out there that 
will have a tough time with these commands.  Giving examples on 
common usage would be a great help.

Thanks for reading,


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