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On Dec 14,  8:22am, Gregory Leblanc wrote:
> Subject: DHCP?
> I just noticed this since somebody asked about how to configure DHCP.
> I usually give a brief explanation, and then point people to
> www.linuxdoc.org, but there's no DHCP HOWTO.  :(  Is this covered
> under one of the guides, or does it need to be written?

Try searching on DHCP. I received 85 results from the search :

In the  "RedHat Linux KickStart HOWTO" there is a section
entitled:  "Appendix A - Configuring BOOTP/DHCP and NFS",

There is mention of it in the "The Linux Networking Overview HOWTO",

and the Linux Gazette contains various references to DHCP,
including: "DHCP for the Home Network LG #48",

You are correct, there is no specific DHCP HOWTO. Start writing... ;-)


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