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Re: sgml-tools


You can probably get the .src.rpm or the source from Debian used to compile
sgml-tools and go from there.  They most likely have a patch file that will
help you.


Gerard Beekmans wrote:
> Hi,
> I know I've asked this question before and I think more people have
> asked this before. Compiling sgml-tools 1.0.9 is a disaster. Every
> single file gives a ton of warnings and won't compile. A while ago my
> ssytem was pretty messed up (compiler wise) so I though these problems
> were related to the broken compiler. Now that the system is fixed, I
> still have this compilation problem. I also have tried to compile the
> same archive on several other machines with a negative result.
> Please spare your breath if you're going to give suggestions like
> 'install the Debian/RedHat/whatever package'. Sure, the packages install
> fine and the tools work marvelous. But I need to compile the tools
> manually for the howto I'm writing (lfs-howto ; how to build your own
> self-built linux system -> this means no use of binary packages and such).
> The people who maintain packages like the Debian one got the program to
> work obviously; so there must be an answer somewhere out there on how
> to successfully compile. I'm trying to find that answer. Hopefully
> somebody here can give me a hint on how to proceed?

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