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Re: Open Document Environment (ODE)

On Mon, Jan 10, 2000 at 02:54:07PM +0000, Kim Lester wrote:
> > >       Thus a user has a list of available books.
> > >       Books would be installed wither locally, on a LAN or on the net.
> > 
> > I like to see a book called a book.

>    Huh ? If you mean there shouldn't be any distinction between local and
>    net books then I agree, except 

This isn't what I meant and it's my fault for not making it clear.  I
had read your statement:

>Books might actually consist of docuemnts that appear in several places
>as relevant.

I was concerned about overlap of content and didn't like the idea of
calling this a "book".  But I suppose that if the parts all fit
together it could be a "virtual-book".  Thus I thought that if it's
not really a book it should be given another name.

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