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Re: Critique of draft GNU Free Doucumentation License v1.0

I am still at a loss with what is wrong with the Open Content License.
Obviously we would have to put a stipulation on options A and B but other
than that???

<CITE>advertising?  Are there any limits as to how long this could be?
<CITE>Suppose that circumstances have made the invariant section obsolete.
<CITE>How can it be altered or removed?
<CITE>You may say that to change an invariant section all you need to do is
<CITE>to obtain the permission of the author.  What if the author can't be
<CITE>located?  Also, just the permission of the author may not be enough.
<CITE>Changing an invariant section requires an exception be made to the
<CITE>license.  Suppose A is the author, then B modified it some and then C
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