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ode-discuss archives

The new mailing list will be archived via hypermail, and the archives
are available at:


As I mentioned before, this list can be considered a temporary solution
to the mail flood this discussion has brought for some of us (I get at
least 3 copies of each mail that's cc'd).  Under no circumstances do I
want this to be mis-read as an attempt by the OSWG to co-opt these
discussions, and the list can be dissolved at any time.

Again, to subscribe, send mail to: ode-discuss-request@oswg.org with
"subscribe" in the subject line.  

To post to the new list, send mail to ode-discuss@oswg.org.

If you know of other Open Source or Open Content documentation projects
that might be interested in taking part in these discussions, please
forward this information along to them.  In particular, I think that the
FreeBSD Documentation Project and the KDE documentation project should
be included.  I'll send mail to those lists when I find the appropriate

- deb

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